Industry: Products and services designed to promote the goals of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Workplace: Recycling programs to reduce carbon footprint. Since March 2010, TRS-RenTelco has recycled approximately 250,000 pounds of cardboard.

Community: Supporting local schools and standing behind a commitment to our communities.

At McGrath RentCorp, we believe that effectiveness and ethics go hand in hand, and that the best way to be a healthy company is to help build a strong society. From our commitment to environmentally sustainable building construction to our many local community programs, we strive to put our values into practice and empower our employees to act for the greater good.

Ethical Values

McGrath RentCorp is committed to maintaining the highest standard of business ethics in all our practices and relationships. Our goal is to achieve competitive advantages fairly and honestly, through superior products, service and performance rather than through unethical or illegal business practices.

Employees of McGrath RentCorp are bound by a code of business conduct that extends the highest possible degree of respect and integrity to our customers, vendors and partners. Among other things, this dedication includes the swift resolution of conflicts of interest, the preservation of confidential business data and the barring of unfair competitive contract bid practices.

McGrath RentCorp is firmly committed to providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment, and actively prohibits unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status or any other factor prohibited by law.

Sustainability Practices

Wherever possible, the products, services and practices of McGrath RentCorp companies are designed to promote the goals of environmental stewardship and sustainability. From our corporate recycling program to our policy of printing marketing collateral on recycled paper, we continually search for new and innovative ways to shrink our ecological footprint.

Through our Mobile Modular division, our modular space solutions incorporate many of the most respected sustainability design features available today, including:

High-efficiency HVAC and energy systems. Employing today’s latest innovations in energy-saving technologies and systems, our building products save money while helping our customers reduce their impact on the planet’s limited energy resources.

Recycled and recyclable construction materials. Wherever possible, our modular building products rely upon recycled building materials, as well as construction components that can be further recycled once the buildings are no longer in service.

Efficient land use features. Designed to sit low to the ground and to be side-by-side stackable, our modular buildings are designed to make optimal and responsible use of limited available land, which reduces the need to clear larger lots for building placements.

Cool roofs, skylights and “green” plumbing. Wherever possible, our building products make good use of natural light, green plumbing systems and the sun’s heat to reduce the building’s ecological impact and energy usage.

“Built to last” design and construction. Our relocatable workspaces are designed and fabricated to provide faithful, efficient service over long product lifespans. Many of our building systems are built to last for decades.

Our TRS-RenTelco division, in its daily business of supplying electronic test equipment solutions, has incorporated several innovative sustainability programs into its regular operations, including:

Comprehensive materials recycling. In addition to recycling all of its cardboard, batteries and unserviceable electronic waste, TRS-RenTelco participates in a sustainability program that includes recovering and recycling all materials used to pack delicate electronics. Custom-molded Instapak foam inserts are used for all component shipping, and when recovered from the customer, these inserts are then recycled for energy production use in municipal power plants. Significantly reducing waste, these programs have also dramatically reduced power consumption throughout TRS-RenTelco operations.

Energy-efficiency programs. TRS-RenTelco operations include the latest energy-efficiency and power waste-reduction programs available. In addition to the significant reductions in energy use associated by its many recycling programs, TRS-RenTelco’s reliance on high-efficiency HVAC control systems and programmable thermostats helps contribute to reducing the division’s carbon footprint and ecological impact.

Community Leadership

From affordable housing initiatives to local charity efforts, at McGrath RentCorp, we believe that lasting social impact is achieved only through individual contribution at the local level. By empowering our employees to get involved and make a difference, we work to create a better society for us all.

Employees of McGrath RentCorp are actively encouraged to become involved in their local communities through volunteer service to charitable, civic and public service organizations, as well as through participation in the political process and trade associations.